Introducing: "Beautiful Nails, Beautiful Life" stickers

Posted by Ayla Montgomery on

Love beautiful stickers? The new "Beautiful Nails, Beautiful Life" stickers are perfect for your sticker collection. Modeled after the "Golden Rose" pin, the "Beautiful Nails, Beautiful Life" stickers are

high quality vinyl stickers made in California. Best of all, they look great wherever you stick them!

Nubian sticker

tan sticker

I got the inspiration to create some NAILgasm stickers when I got a protective Pelican case to hold my camera equipment when I'm on the go. The plain black was sooooooo boring, but I didn't have any cute branding to spice it up. Enter the "Beautiful Nails, Beautiful Life" stickers.

Here are a few pix of my Pelican case now:

NAILgasm pelican case

NAILgasm logo pelican case

nubian sticker

nailgasm stickers pelican case

You can shop the "Beautiful Nails, Beautiful Life" stickers here